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When using Layerform, engineers encapsulate each part of their infrastructure into layer definitions.

Engineers can then create development infrastructure by stacking each of those layers. Layerform’s magic is that layers can share the same base layers, allowing for easy and inexpensive reuse.

Layerform also has features to make it easy to develop and test software in the cloud.

For those interested in development environments: we don’t want to run your text-editor and local tools. You still run those on your machine. What we do is allow you to create your own “staging” environment.


To install Layerform, you can use go install.

$ go install github.com/ergomake/layerform@latest


Follow along and learn how to provision infrastructure layers using Layerform. Engineers can then use those layers to create development infrastructure for themselves.

In this tutorial, we’ll create layers for running the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Beats) on top of Kubernetes.


Read about the different parts of Layerform and how it works.